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Floor-malted German Wheat, Floor Malted German Pilsner, Tettnanger, Hefeweizen Yeast

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If there was a beer that epitomizes all beers, weissbier (wheat beer) foots the bill. Out of the several varieties of styles one most dear to our hearts is Hefeweissbier, which translates directely as yeast wheat beer. Thanks to Hans VI the Duke of Degenburg and his inherited right to brew using wheat (wheat was banned from use in brewing by Rheinheitsgebot law) and due to its top cropping capability, (as discovered by Maximilian I the Duke of Bavaria who in herited the right when the Degenburg family line ended) this beer remains one of the best thirst quenchers available. As hints of banana and clove circumvent your palate the clean crisp bite of noble hops cuts through the sweetness leaving you seeking more. We like to stay true to tradition so our methods may seem archaic to some, but the results stand alone!