Our Beer


Belgian Blonde


Floor-Malted Pilsner, Floor Malted Maris Otter, Dark Munich Malt, Clear Candi Syrup, German Perle Hops, and a Special Monastary yeast

Alcohol Percentage:

7% ABV

Taste Description:

Everybody has heard of the great hero General McAuliffe and the Battle of the Bulge. When presented with a letter from the Comander of the German Army to surrender the city of Bastogne or in two hours time face total annhilation of all USA troops who remain defending the city, General McAuliffe responded the only way he knew how. With a one word answer he wrote back to the German Comander, “NUTS!” After tasting this beer for the first time, the word that popped out of our mouths was “Nuts!” as in rediculously good. Our blend of special belgian malts , a slight touch of candi syrup, the magical yeast derived from a famous monistary and pure will derived from impossibilities, places this ale on a pedistal. These blends of flavors and at an easy drinking 7%, we asure you your senses will be delighted.