Our team

Dan Aron
Owner and Cofounder

A passionate beer lover who never backs down from a challenge. Dan’s biggest fear is his last words will be ‘‘hold my beer and watch this.”

Braun Kiess
Owner and Cofounder

Like they say, blondes do have more fun. However Braun doesn’t like it when drinks are on the house, because he alway forgets to bring his ladder.

Warren Wilson
Brew Master

Warren wrote an essay in the 2nd grade about when he grows up all he wants to do is drink beer. He received a C-. But through hard work dreams do come true.

Lina Dicairano
Brewery Diva

Don’t let the title fool you. Lina keep us all inline. She is not only our Brewery Diva, but she also doubles as our “John Dalton” like bouncer.